Amazonian Mushroom Spore Syringe

The Amazonian mushroom strain is known for fruiting very large mushrooms in wild, often with a thick stem. Mushrooms of this variety have been reported to fruit well in the 70 degree F – 80 degree F range, and have a reputation for producing many stones (the hallucinogenic kind).



Amazonian Mushroom Spore Syringe 10ml. The PES Amazon is a strain of cubensis known for its super thick stem feature that is also very resistant to contamination. It produces very dense fruits with nippled caps. The Veil and cap will blue upon cutting like a ghost. Blueing isn’t as pronounced in this strain as others, but your fingers and anything the spores touch will leave blue stains. Rizomorphic mycelium that is extremely resistant to contamination.

The PES Amazon cubensis mushrooms spores are purple-black. PES Amazonian cubensis mushrooms produce large to very large fruit bodies, typically larger than other popular species. Fruiting of the mushroom begins with a veil that is light yellow and tends to tear moderately easily. Amazonian Mushroom Spore Syringe will mature to show a yellowish; light brown color and retain the shape of the cap well before it begins to flatten out in full maturity. This is one of the most prolific, dependable and straightforward strains for any level mycologist to grow; as it performs well in both warm and temperate climates and has above average rizomorphic mycelium growth characteristics.

Are Amazonian Spore Syringes Good For Beginners?

The Amazon rain forest has the most biodiversity in the world, and it’s thanks to that great variety that this strain became as contaminant-resistant as it is. For that reason, we’re classifying it as a great beginner spore strain, because the spores aren’t likely to become contaminated when you place them on your microscope slide.

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