Boost THC Dark Chocolate Bar

Our THC Dark Chocolate bars is are now available in the following doses:

  • 120mg THC Dark Chocolate (10mg per pcs)
  • 240mg THC Dark Chocolate (20mg per pcs)
  • 1200mg THC Dark Chocolate (100mg per pcs)


Boost THC Dark Chocolate Bar

Tell your favorite imported Dutch chocolates to take a hike, and make room in your cupboard for Boost’s Dark Chocolate pieces infused with just a touch of THC! Dark chocolate gives you that perfect balance of bittersweetness but imagines adding just a touch of premium THC that can increase your joyful mood and give for a wonderful and powerful high!

This chocolate bar is made with quality and real chocolaty goodness ingredients. When you add that magical touch of THC you are truly in for a sweet tooth snack! That stark and distinct dark chocolate flavor gives you a classic delicacy taste just in a lightly dosed edible form! No need to worry about strong edible smells or worries about forgetting an old brownie in the car. Have a dark chocolate bar instead, that comes in a neatly wrapped packaging.

Discreet and sleek in appearance; delectable in taste, light, and airy in regards to the high, Boost’s Dark Chocolate THC bar is a wonderful selection for any user new to the edible experience. Helping consumers enhance their recreational and daily user experience with this chocolate bar is worth the trip! Dare to level up and explore the wonder and power of a relaxing chocolate bar!

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120 mg, 240 mg, 1200 mg

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