Boost THC Milk Chocolate Bar

Our THC Milk chocolate bars are now available in the following doses:

  • 120mg THC Milk Chocolate (10mg per pcs)
  • 240mg THC Milk Chocolate (20mg per pcs)


Boost THC Milk Chocolate Bar 240 mg

Chocolate and marijuana have always held a strong bond as evident in the power of edible brownies! Well now; Boost has got you covered with a silky new product, Boost’s Milk Chocolate THC bar.

A few pieces and consumers can instantly feel high. Which means no more waiting around for two and a half hours for that good old brownie to finally kick in and hit you like a truck. With Boost’s Milk Chocolate THC bar, you deserve to have that silky milky taste with a little after buzz. Why not start with this amazing and delicious edible?!

The beauty of marijuana is not solely the natural health benefits and versatility of the plant and all its components, but the ability to incorporate THC components into some of your favorite foods. The wonderful chocolate has always done its job in brightening up someone’s day and when you combine that elation with the perfectly dosed THC high, you’re in for a delight. Try Boost’s Milk Chocolate THC bar today!

About Boost Edibles

Boost is a Canadian cannabis company that’s devoted to bringing you quality; purity, and potency through their gourmet THC or CBD-infused edibles. Though they’re fairly new to the cannabis community, Boost is quickly making a name for themselves with their deliciously enticing product range and premium ingredients. But, don’t just take our word for it! Read all about their company, their mission, and all they have to offer below.

Who says THC and CBD can’t be delicious? Boost is showing the cannabis world that edibles, no matter how potent, can be just as tasty as your everyday candy.

Proudly owned and operated by Canadians who love weed just as much as you do. Boost specializes specifically in hand-crafted edibles to get you through the day, Boost infuses only the highest-quality distillate extracts into every one of their products, resulting in a pure treat that you can trust.

Using organic; non-GMO and non-animal tested products; Boost boasts an ethical, sustainable image that we all deserve in a cannabis company. From seed to soil to edible; you can trust that you’re getting an all-natural, plant-based treat that your mind and body will benefit from–just as long as you don’t eat too much.

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