Bubba Bear Solventless Infused Mini Pre-Roll 7-Pack | 3.5g

Hybrid THC 27.55%

Binske just made their mini pre-rolls even better by infusing them with their solventless live rosin hash. Their high-quality cannabis featuring award-winning genetics is now paired with their solventless hash for even tastier and more potent hits. Their solventless mini pre-roll packs come with 7 minis at 0.5g each, for a perfect eighth on the go.


About the brand.

The Highest Standards Didn’t Exist, So We Created Them”



An experience of perfection

The quality or state of being elegant

Physical or intellectual pleasure, delight, or ecstasy

Binske is proud to supply their ensemble of world-to-table ingredients, thoughtfully sourced from artisan farms around the globe. A single ambition drives the Binske team: to craft cannabis products with superior taste and quality. With every bite, sip, or hit, Binske cannabis products deliver a sophisticated palette of complex flavor and sensations.

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