Dreamy Psilocybin Chocolate bars

While it’s rooted in nature and has been used to heal many; the same way marijuana has been making breakthroughs in the healthcare industry; magic mushrooms are still considered a Schedule I substance under the Controlled Substance Act.


Dreamy Psilocybin Chocolate bars

Dreamy Psilocybin Chocolate bars

Wilder and hallucinogenic magic mushrooms; are taking over as one of the most popular psychotropic drugs that have been making waves everywhere.

The lack of regulation and medical supervision makes magic mushrooms hard to control; leaving them a temptation for abuse. Despite the drug being a gateway for addiction; its potential in the medical setting encourages markets to release easy-to-digest versions like mushroom chocolate.

Mushroom chocolates bars such as Tri-Colour Ecuadorian Chocolates and Z-Strain Chocolate Extra Potent are sure to be a thrilling delight to the senses, but is the mushroom chocolate a do-up for progressive healthcare or more of a dangerous delicacy for consumers. Before we can indulge in the bittersweet facts about mushroom-laced confectionery, it’s better to take a bite out of its origins and understand what makes magic mushrooms a formidable, mind-altering drug.

Dreamland Psychedelics – Mushroom Chocolate Bar

Golden Teacher mushrooms are a variant of Psilocybe Cubensis and are specifically sought out by Dreamland Psychedelics for their easy-going, tranquil vibes and limitless potential. Many recognize Golden Teachers as a class of mushrooms that carry thought-provoking, cerebral effects, and wise teachings. Avid mushroom users rate this variant as one of the cleanest, less-troubling experiences and characteristic psychedelic journeys compared to Blue Meanies Chocolates Silver and Penis Envy Chocolates Red. Every bar has a choice of 1.2g (1200mg) or 3.0g (3000mg) or (5000mg) of psilocybin or magic mushroom content.

Directions: Consume on empty stomach. Beginners can start with 1/2 or 1 square, wait 30 minutes for effect before consuming additional squares.

Psilocybin Content: 3000mg Per Block/ 300mg per square. and 1200mg Bars/ 120mg per square

Storage Instructions: Store in a cool, dry place.


1200 mg, 3000 mg, 5000 mg


Strawberry, Earl Grey, Salted Caramel, Coffee Crunch, Milk Chocolate, Dark Chocolate, Almond Milk, Cookies & Cream

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