Hero Mushroom Spores Syringe

Our Hero Mushroom Strain is a cross between 2 amazing strains, Penis Envy and Amazonian. Check it out today or learn more about how to cross cubensis strains and about quality Magic Mushroom Cross Strains.


Description of Hero Mushroom Strain Spore Syringes

Hero Mushroom Strain Spore Syringes are a cross between the Penis Envy and Amazonian strains. Offering resistance to the double-edged sword of humidity and pests, these Hero Mushroom Spores Syringe are great for cultivation in both outdoor and indoor settings. Since this cross is of our own creation, it’s easy to say we’re proud of it!

The Hero Mushroom Strain has a strong spicy flavor and is known to make funky patterns on the caps, the strain is not actually a blend or hybrid, but rather a unique cross of 2 amazing strains, Penis Envy and Amazonian.

The Hero Mushroom is a cross between two of our favorite cubensis strains – the and Amazonian. It is not only visually beautiful, but it also is fast growing and produces very good yields. This strain is known for its unique length, ranging from 7-13 inches in length with a tough and sturdy stem.

Our own unique strain, the Hero Mushroom Spores is a cross between the Penis Envy and Amazonian. It has big, beautiful caps, and grows fast and is really easy to cultivate. This strain was created from the makers of The Mushroom Kit and Spore works, so buy with confidence!

Can you mix mushroom strains?

We have developed a mycological creation of combining the spores from top strains into one super strain. Not only does this make for an amazing creation, it also makes for a very interesting mating story! Read more about the development of this cross breed here.

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